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At last - A range of professional, independent and efficient medical services available to both Doctors and to the public.



• Nutritional Counselling
• Dietary Information
• Physiologically Optimised Exercise   Programme
• HGH Treatment if this hormone is found   to be deficient

Mediserve is Ireland's leading anti-ageing practice. Our Age Management Program has evolved from pioneering work done in the USA and is the first program in Ireland to be approved by the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M).

When you come in to see us, your consultant will take full details of your medical history to establish your baseline biochemical status. You can discuss your goals and expectations and the doctor will describe the various elements of our anti-ageing therapies.

A preliminary diagnostic examination is designed to reveal deficiencies in specific areas and includes a comprehensive evaluation of your nutritional, metabolic, immune and hormonal condition. You will also undergo blood tests to determine how your body might respond to HGH if this therapy was considered appropriate. Based on the results of these tests, you and your consultant can agree on a combination of anti-ageing treatments.