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Men’s Health

Tens of thousands of men around Ireland are needlessly suffering in silence. The loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction / impotence or premature ejaculation is a source of real suffering.

Men's HealthAnyone who has experienced these problems understands the sense of a loss of self-confidence and virility and the feeling of letting down your partner. Added to this, many men are too embarrassed to talk about impotence.

Expert, confidential help is here. Every year we help hundreds of men to regain their confidence, self-esteem and joy of life with our discrete, very effective erectile dysfunction treatments.

Our treatment has evolved from pioneering work undertaken by the London Diagnostic Centre in Harley Street in 1986. The success enjoyed at this London clinic resulted in numerous inquiries from Irish patients and this led to the establishment of the Dublin Medical Centre in 1988. Our procedures are based on earlier breakthroughs, as well as recent advances in medication. The highly effective treatments for erectile dysfunction/impotence and premature ejaculation make it possible for you to put all the negative feelings behind you as you win back your Download our complete brochurevirility and self-confidence.

Make an appointment at the clinic and you will be seen by a specialist in all forms of erectile dysfunction. After taking your medical history and talking with you, the doctor will establish the exact nature of the problem. He will then perform a complete medical examination, including blood flow studies and relevant blood tests to complete his diagnosis.

For more information on erectile dysfunction / impotence and premature ejaculation please download a copy of our brochure (PDF 457 KB). Or if you would like to receive a printed copy by post please get in contact us here.