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Anti-Ageing - Unwanted Hair

IPL will gently and painlessly remove unwanted hair. Controlled flashes of light are absorbed by hair-filled follicles below the surface of the skin. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages or destroys the re-growth potential of the follicle - without damaging the surrounding tissue. Permanent hair reduction can be guaranteed.

We will customise the treatment according to your hair colour, texture and body location. Any hair with at least some pigment in it (black, brown, red and even blond, but not grey) can be treated effectively.

Side effects are rare: You may experience some slight reddening or local swelling, but this typically goes away within hours. On very rare occasions, some blistering or bruising may occur, but again this goes away quickly. Also, the skin can become darker or lighter following treatment, but will generally return to normal within a few weeks. Stay out of the sun before and after each treatment to minimise the risk of complications.