Sexual Health

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In the ocean of medical terminology, ‘men’s health’ has become something of a euphemism for sexual medicine and, in many cases, just selling Viagra.


Menshealth.ie wants to reclaim that description and broaden its definition to include all aspects of men’s health matters. But sexual health is a part of that, no doubt. It’s one that a lot of men struggle with and also struggle to bring up with their doctor out of embarrassment.

A few things. First, GPs encounter a lot of sexual concerns and issues, all the time. We will not be embarrassed. We will do our best to make you not be embarrassed. It’s perfectly normal and reasonable to discuss it. Go for it.

Second, online and phone consults are ideal for this if you’re iffy about addressing this. But, to repeat, there is nothing to hide here and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Because third, sexual health problems are very, very common. And there are really good, effective treatments available to help. So what are you waiting for?

Erectile dysfunction, ED, not being able to get it up and/or keep it up. Again, it’s really common. More than 50% of men over 40 will experience this and many younger guys as well. And yes, Viagra does work for a lot of guys. But while you can just grab it and go, ED doesn’t just happen, it is caused by something. And it is crucial to investigate what.

It could be an early sign of heart disease or diabetes or a hormonal issue like low testosterone. It could be caused by medicines you’re taking or drug / alcohol use. It could be psychological in nature – this is a factor in almost all cases, but it could point to depression, stress or relationship problems that should not be ignored. It is definitely worth exploring why this is happening. And there are a number of treatment options beyond Viagra as well that we can help you with.

Premature ejaculation is also really common. Up to 30% of men will experience this. There are all sorts of factors involved here. And yes there are treatment options for this as well. Give us a call about it.

Low sex drive could be a clue to an underlying problem. Is it your medications? Is it a psychological or relationship issue? Is it a hormonal problem? Do you have low testosterone? More on this in a future post. Again, this is not one to be left alone – give us a call, we can help.